Adding Accent Lights to Your Garden Plan

Planting season is right around the corner – in Atlanta, the last spring freeze usually happens at the end of March. Gardeners across the state are starting seeds, turning soil, and deciding where to place that new vegetable bed. 

While you’re drafting up plans, don’t forget to add landscape lights to your layout. The right lights will keep your plants healthier, make late-night watering easier, and fill your garden with a magical glow.

Start with Walking Paths

Pathway lights will instantly make your garden accessible for nighttime watering and evening strolls. Add glow to your paving stones, highlight the borders of your plant beds, and guide guests straight to your favorite stargazing location.

There are tons of pathway lighting options, so choose something that makes sense for your garden’s aesthetic. Motion-sensitive lights will turn on as soon as you set foot in the garden, while regular LED lights will add a permanent ethereal shine.

Illuminate Working Areas

Nothing’s more frustrating than watering, pruning, and digging in the dark. Solve the problem with a few lights that point directly at your favorite work areas. This might include the flower bed you tend to after work, the pumpkin plant that always needs extra care, or the work bench where you handle last-minute transplants.

Task lights often need to be brighter than ambient lights, so don’t forget to consider dimmable or motion-sensitive options. As soon as you’re done working, your garden will return to a state of shadowed tranquility.

Highlight Beautiful Displays

As a gardener, you adore all of your plants, but you probably have a favorite. Whether it’s the rosebush you’ve been tending for years or the colorful zinnias that you just arranged, you should make sure that your hard work is visible at every time of day.

Use carefully placed uplights to cast attention on your most gorgeous plants. Place the lights in front for direct illumination, or set them behind the plant for a dappled leafy glow. If you incorporate lights during your planning phase, your floral display will have even more visual impact.

Give Delicate Plants Extra Help

Some plants need more sunshine than your garden is able to provide. Don’t let that poor tomato stretch itself out in a desperate bid for direct sun. Instead, place a bright LED bulb next to the plant so it can soak up all the ultraviolet rays it needs. 

Choose colored bulbs to focus on specific growth cycles, or select a warm yellow light that includes the entire color spectrum. Use timers to create a lighting schedule so your most delicate plants can stay in tune with the rest of your garden. 

A well-designed lighting system can turn any garden into a green and glowing paradise. Reach out to the lighting consultants at Lights Over Atlanta to discuss how we can transform your outdoors.

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