Enhance the Beauty of Your Lights and
Save Energy with LED Upgrades

Converting Old Lighting Systems

to new LED lighting systems is one of our most popular restoration services. LED lighting has come a long way in the last few years and has greatly expanded the options for every lighting professional.

Lights Over Atlanta uses LED on every one of our projects and our clients are more than satisfied with the results. An LED upgrade will remove the need to replace those burn out bulbs and will save you money in your electricity bill. With LED bulbs we have a greater range of angles and power output so that we can paint your property in a beautiful light.

Halogen Bulb

LED Bulb

Lights Over Atlanta is the leading lighting company for LED upgrades in Atlanta, GA. Converting your outdoor lighting system is a painless and cost-effective process. It will help save your hard-earned money and give you less to worry about. The chart below outlines the benefits of all the lighting types.

We Also Offer Other Maintenance Services

We also offer a broad range of other lighting maintenance services to keep your system shining bright. Typical maintenance services include:

Lense Cleaning
Fixture Cleaning
Fixture Angle Correction
Fixture Repairs
Correcting Shoddy Work
Light Positioning & Blockage Correction

Take Advantage of Our Annual Maintenance Programs

Let us develop an annual maintenance program to keep your system running perfectly. We will take care of all the details, so you can enjoy your lighting system throughout the entire year!