Lights Over Atlanta offers a wide range of maintenance programs for your permanent outdoor lighting systems. Just like an HVAC unit or your vehicle, lighting systems can break down over time and should be regularly maintained.

On-Call Maintenance Services or Annual Maintenance Programs

We offer on-call maintenance services and annual maintenance programs. We can come service your system and provide maintenance on an as-need basis. We also offer annual programs that are designed to keep your lighting system running strong year after year.

No matter if your outdoor lighting is one year old or twenty years old, we can help keep your exterior lighting in tip top shape. If your system hasn’t been serviced in a long time, we can provide a restoration versus replacement cost analysis to help you pick the most cost-efficient option for your lighting needs.

In addition to LED Conversions, our most popular maintenance services include:

Lense Cleaning

Regular cleaning of fixtures is important to the longevity of your outdoor lighting system. Over the course of the year dirt, pollen, sap, oxidation, pesticides and fertilizers cover the lenses of landscape lighting fixtures. Removing this film will make sure that your lighting is crisp and clear.

Fixture Cleaning

The interior of the fixture can become filled with dust, plant debris and bugs. Over time these intruders will build up and affect the performance of your landscape lighting fixtures. In the photo on the left, you will notice a buildup on the bottom of the bulb and inside the socket. This will cause the contact between the two to decrease and result in a failure.

Fixture Angle Correction

RED = Off – Target Light

GREEN = On – Target Light

Constant environmental changes and unintentional contact will change the angle of landscape lighting fixtures which in turn will change the desired effect of the light. Fixtures should be readjusted periodically to ensure that the intended target is being lit properly. In the example below, the fixture on the left is angled too much toward the column. The column ledge is blocking a majority of the light intended to light the entire column. The corrected angle on the right allows for the maximum amount of light to reach the top of the column. Even a small change can make a huge difference.

Correcting Shoddy Work

We run across shoddy and makeshift work from other lighting contractors more than we care to. Lack of attention to detail will result in an under-performing system that will add additional unnecessary repair costs. During our maintenance inspections, will will find and correct any work that could harm your landscape lighting system.

In the photos below, the connectors on the right are designed for use inside junction boxes in only dry conditions. The lack of a sealant will allow corrosion of the wiring connection, and could possibly result in a fire. We corrected this problem by using damp location rated connectors that are contain a sealant design to prevent water intrusion.

Fixture Repairs







Outdoor lighting fixtures can become damaged over time and may just need to be repaired instead of replaced. The fixtures below became damaged over the span of 10 years. The need for constant halogen bulb replacement wore out the connections and caused them to break off. We replaced the damaged connections and installed a new LED bulbs.

Light Positioning and Blockage Correction




After a few years of installation, certain landscape lighting fixtures may need to be moved or vegetation may need to be cut back to achieve the desired lighting effect. Moving the fixture or cutting back the plant growth will allow the light to reach is desired target.