If you already have a lighting system but it isn’t working properly, we might be able to restore it at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire system! For many clients, we are able to reuse some of their existing equipment and save them lots of money.

We Start By Evaluating Your Current System

Similar to visiting a new doctor, we start with a comprehensive diagnostic exam of your entire system. We make recommendations on how to get your system back up and running. We also craft a plan to fix any issues we can see and offer options to add or improve lighting.

We Provide Comparison Costs for Restoration Versus Replacement

We will prepare a cost comparison for refurbishing your system versus replacing it. We’ve helped many clients reuse parts of their existing systems, saving them lots of money while getting their lighting systems working optimally.

We Can Convert Many Systems to
Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

One of our most popular and frequently requested refurbishment services is converting old lighting systems over to energy-efficient LED systems. Our LED lighting conversions enhance the appearance of the lighting and conserve energy.

We Can Perform Other Lighting Maintenance to Restore and Maintain Your System

We also offer a comprehensive scope of lighting maintenance services to repair and maintain systems. Typical maintenance services include:

Lense Cleaning
Fixture Cleaning
Fixture Angle Correction
Fixture Repairs
Correcting Shoddy Work
Light Positioning & Blockage Correction

Ask About Our Annual Maintenance Programs

Once we get your system up and running, it’s easy to keep it working optimally by having us perform your annual maintenance. We will develop a custom program for you and take care of your lights, so you can enjoy having a perfectly maintained system all year-round.