Bring The Warmth of Professional
Christmas Lighting To Your Customers
and Residents

Commercial Christmas Lighting

Christmas lighting and decor has a way of lifting even the heaviest spirits. Being surrounded by the warm glow of those dancing fairy lights reminds us of the great times that we have had with family and friends. Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on the long list of clients that we have had the privilege to assist during the holiday season and bring these feelings of joy and happiness. From stores and restaurants to homeowners associations and property management companies, our LED Christmas lighting displays captivate and mesmerize with thoughtful designs and practical implementation. Contact us today to let us help with planning your next winter wonderland. 

Beautiful Christmas Displays

Lights Over Atlanta utilizes only the highest quality LED Christmas lighting equipment to ensure that your display amazes from installation to removal. We supply all holiday lighting materials and decorations, allowing you to focus on what’s truly important during the holidays. Give us a chance to make your Christmas merry and bright!

We Provide Christmas Lighting Services For:

  • Homeowners Associations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Property Management Companies
  • Hotels
  • Country Clubs
  • Downtown Main Streets
  • Local Restaurants
  • Franchise Restaurants

Commercial Accent Lighting

Having exceptional outdoor lighting is essential for every commercial property. Whether the property is looking to attract customers, keep clients safe or make residents feel secure, great outdoor lighting is a necessity in every situation.

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